No Visitors Need Apply

I’m the sort of person who wants to know everything. I read lots of books and magazines, and spend at least 10-15 hours a week online. In my quest for knowledge of the P4P demimonde, I have become a member of quite a large number of sites/boards specific to the adult entertainment world. Over the years, there is a sentiment I’ve seen expressed often enough that I felt it bore mentioning.

What I’m referencing is active hobbyists in different cities saying, “I don’t see touring providers. I’d rather spend my money locally.” I’ve read this in different areas, and have drawn my own conclusions about why one might feel this way.

•They don’t want to upset their regular ladies. If they decide to see a visiting lady and use the provider they see at home as a reference, she may get upset. If they piss her off, she won’t see them again, nor will she provide a reference so they can see other ladies in his city.

•The rates of the visitors are higher than they’re accustomed to paying and they don’t think any woman is worth what the touring lady is charging.

•They truly believe the ladies in their hometown are leaps and bounds beyond the visitors in terms of service, have no complaints and have no interest in branching out and establishing relationships with ladies who will only be in town a short while.

Perhaps there are other reasons I’ve failed to consider, but I think these are the most likely. My question is: Do they realize that they’re missing out on one of the best things about this little world of ours? Variety is the #1 thing many of us enjoy about our roles as a sex worker/client. Meeting new people, sharing intimate times, laughs, and really getting to know someone who’s totally different than what you’re normally exposed to is amazing!

I could never limit myself to only local clients, and why would I want to do that? I live in a city that is a tourist mecca, and I have so enjoyed the lovely gents I’ve met who were just passing through. Visitors are the cornerstone of my business here at home in Vegas. On the flip side, touring is something that I love to do. I’ve learned to appreciate other locales and what they have to offer. One has to really get into the spirit of the place, and not compare it to where you live. It’s likely to be totally unlike what you’re used to, and that’s  totally the point!

So, for the guys who’d never consider seeing a lady who’s bringing her sexy show to their town, that’s their choice. Just know, that there are other men in your area who are more open-minded and are sampling the endless flavors that exist in this beautiful game we play. It’s never too late to change your mind, and really jump in with both feet.

Stay tuned!


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