20 Reasons To F*** A Horseback Rider

Well, it’s rodeo time again!  The festivities kicked off here in Vegas on DEC 3rd and will continue til DEC 12.  I’m having a hell of a good time & have been visiting different venues all week.  The after parties have been super fun; I have never seen so many good-lookin’ men in one place in my life!  Except for last year at this time…

It’s not too late to join in the festivities:


I’ll leave ya’ll with a little humor as to why a woman who rides is an enviable notch on your bedpost…

1. We have 4 speeds and many positions.
2.  We wear tight pants and tall boots.
3. We love getting dirty.
4. We know how to ride our mounts.
5. We perform well with animals.
6. We like to be in control.
7. We’ll ride it for hours.
8. We know how to handle a big girth.
9. We get off easy.
10. We’re always on top.
11. We like it rough.
12. We have our legs spread all day long.
13. We love using whips.
14. Straddling is our natural position.
15. We don’t mind being bucked around.
16. Endurance riders do it longer.
17. We can ride standing or sitting.
18. We think the fast ones are the most fun.
19. We’re used to having hands between our legs.
20. If we fall off, we get back on and ride harder.


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