When I was six years old, I gave my first blowjob.
“It’s a game”, said He. “Don’t you want to play?”
It was too big, and I threw up on him.
He said I’d do better the next time.

When I was seven years old, I watched a group of fellow second graders cheer as a boy in my class tried to kiss me. He hugged me from behind, giggling all the while.
I threw sand in his eyes, and was sent to the Principal.

When I was eight years old, I had an elderly teacher ask me to stay behind in class. He carried me on his shoulders, and called me pretty.
“Teacher’s Pet!” my friends declared, the envy visible on their faces.
They ignored me at lunch that day.

When I was nine years old, an older girl on the school bus would ask me to lift…

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Happy 4th of July! [On Freedom, Terrorism & Justice]

One thing that’s on my mind with today being the 4th of July: the actions taken by colonists in America to free themselves from British tyranny were terrorist in nature,  according to the dictionary definition of terrorism.

(ter·ror·ism ˈterəˌrizəm/Submit
the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.)

This is not a debatable opinion, it is so. I find it hypocritical that so many people who proclaim “Happy 4th of July!” and say they are proud Americans judge those members of our society who protest openly, speak out and civilly disobey to show their discontent with the state of affairs in this country. Rights are never freely given. People have to fight for them, and more importantly people have to DIE for them. Society has to be disrupted to a great degree for things to change.

Those who benefit most from maintaining the status quo are without conscience, no matter the time in history that we’re discussing. That 1% doesn’t give a fuck about you, me or anybody else that isn’t one of the elite. This attitude has nothing to do with political parties; that’s just a dog and pony show to keep you busy. If you are pointing the finger at people who are causing a ruckus and drawing attention to injustice in America, you should be proud of your fellow Americans. That is, unless you think freedom, justice and equality are only for certain people, in which case you need to ‪#‎checkyourprivilege‬

Four New Ways To “Do” Sin City [June 2015 Edition]

Viva Las Vegas

Whether you’re a Vegas virgin or long-time repeat visitor, you can never know about too many interesting diversions & secrets the city holds.  According to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, the average visitor in 2014 spent 4.2 days and 3.2 nights here, and who comes to Sin City for a boring time?  You could have stayed home for that!  Here are 4 absolutely delightful ways to enjoy YOUR Vegas vacation (aside from seeing moi, that is)

  • STAY: VIP check-in/VIP arrival @ Vdara – Transportation from McCarran to Vdara, check in as early as 11 a.m. and more perks.
  • DINE: Visit Julian Serrano’s Lago (Bellagio) – Try the Rosso Bellini; it features a caramel nest cradling a golden raspberry.
  • TAN:  Catch some rays during the Sensation Pool Party @ Monte Carlo (12-5, Fri-Sun) – Enjoy games, DJ’s and the lazy river.
  • IMBIBE: Enjoy over 100 varieties of brown spirits, play interactive games or shoot pool 24 hrs/day in an upscale setting @ Whiskey Down (MGM Grand)


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Source: L.A. Times (Susan Stapleton), LVCVA 


Ireland and damaged belonging: From Magdalene Laundries to Cupcake Scrub

a paper bird

Still from The Magdalene Sisters, a 2002 film on Ireland's Magdalene laundries Still from The Magdalene Sisters, a 2002 film on Ireland’s Magdalene laundries

“It is true,” he said, “that you cannot commit a crime and that the right arm of the law cannot lay its finger on you irrespective of the degree of your criminality. Anything you do is a lie and nothing that happens to you is true.”

I nodded my agreement comfortably.

“For that reason alone,’ said the Sergeant, “we can take you and hang the life out of you and you are not hanged at all and there is no entry to be made in the death papers. The particular death you die is not even a death (which is an inferior phenomenon at the best) only an insanitary abstraction in the backyard, a piece of negative nullity neutralised and rendered void by asphyxiation and the fracture of the spinal string. If it is not a lie to…

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(Hoping that) Women Hurt: regret as a tool of advocacy

Feminist Ire

Two weeks ago, Irish parliamentarians were invited to a presentation on the subject of “abortion regret”. While the invitation didn’t explicitly advocate for the continued illegality of abortion, no one could fail to recognise its underlying agenda: firstly because it came from Senator Rónán Mullen, who’s barely known for anything else, and secondly because the featured speaker, Julia Holcomb, is a spokesperson for Silent No More, a self-described “project of Priests for Life and Anglicans for Life”. Holcomb was there not only to share her own unhappy story, but to convince Irish politicians of the need to maintain our near-absolute ban on abortion, in an attempt to prevent others from experiencing the same regret.

This campaign is one example of what Yale Law Professor Reva Siegel calls “woman-protective anti-abortion argument” – a strategic shift away from the foetus fetishism that has traditionally defined the right-to-life movement, to centring the pregnant…

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No Visitors Need Apply

I’m the sort of person who wants to know everything. I read lots of books and magazines, and spend at least 10-15 hours a week online. In my quest for knowledge of the P4P demimonde, I have become a member of quite a large number of sites/boards specific to the adult entertainment world. Over the years, there is a sentiment I’ve seen expressed often enough that I felt it bore mentioning.

What I’m referencing is active hobbyists in different cities saying, “I don’t see touring providers. I’d rather spend my money locally.” I’ve read this in different areas, and have drawn my own conclusions about why one might feel this way.

•They don’t want to upset their regular ladies. If they decide to see a visiting lady and use the provider they see at home as a reference, she may get upset. If they piss her off, she won’t see them again, nor will she provide a reference so they can see other ladies in his city.

•The rates of the visitors are higher than they’re accustomed to paying and they don’t think any woman is worth what the touring lady is charging.

•They truly believe the ladies in their hometown are leaps and bounds beyond the visitors in terms of service, have no complaints and have no interest in branching out and establishing relationships with ladies who will only be in town a short while.

Perhaps there are other reasons I’ve failed to consider, but I think these are the most likely. My question is: Do they realize that they’re missing out on one of the best things about this little world of ours? Variety is the #1 thing many of us enjoy about our roles as a sex worker/client. Meeting new people, sharing intimate times, laughs, and really getting to know someone who’s totally different than what you’re normally exposed to is amazing!

I could never limit myself to only local clients, and why would I want to do that? I live in a city that is a tourist mecca, and I have so enjoyed the lovely gents I’ve met who were just passing through. Visitors are the cornerstone of my business here at home in Vegas. On the flip side, touring is something that I love to do. I’ve learned to appreciate other locales and what they have to offer. One has to really get into the spirit of the place, and not compare it to where you live. It’s likely to be totally unlike what you’re used to, and that’s  totally the point!

So, for the guys who’d never consider seeing a lady who’s bringing her sexy show to their town, that’s their choice. Just know, that there are other men in your area who are more open-minded and are sampling the endless flavors that exist in this beautiful game we play. It’s never too late to change your mind, and really jump in with both feet.

Stay tuned!

Summer Is A State Of Mind…

As summer nears its end, a chapter of my life is coming to a close.  I’ve finished all coursework for a professional licensing and am now studying for state & professional exams.  I’m very excited to see what the future holds & feel it necessary to devote much of my time to this endeavor.

I see the test as a one-shot deal; no multiples allowed *smile* Perfectionism is a known trait of the Capricorn zodiac sign, but there are certainly worse things.  I must earn a passing score the first time around.  That is a standard I’ve set for myself.  The exact score won’t be shared with me when I pass.  There is only an affirmative notification. A “PASS” is what I want and need, so that’s what I’m working toward.

Las Vegas VIP Escort

August 2013

But, balance is important.  For this reason, I’m also spending time doing things that feed my soul and make my heart feel happy.  Cooking, attending farmers’ markets, live music, and volunteering. The thing I love most, you can surely guess.  Yes, this.   And no, I’m not just saying that.  I find it difficult to express just how fulfilling and enriching the experience of being a companion is for me.

I love the dance leading up to our tryst, and it begins with the initial contact.  Maybe it’s an email, a reservation form, PM through a board,  or a DM on Twitter.  I have a great memory for details, and if you make your introductions stand out, that’s a wonderful thing.

I appreciate a gent that can make me laugh.  I sometimes wish that you could see me reading the messages I receive. Smiles, laughter, blushing and longing; your writings coax all these things from me.  If I enjoy the way you write, it’s the beginning of our connection. The intro is the first step in the screening process. Your approach sets the tone for our future interaction.  It can open the door to a divinely passionate world where you and I are the only inhabitants.  Or, it can make it so I never again acknowledge your existence.  Choose your actions & words wisely.

Las Vegas VIP Escort

August 2013

When you have been successfully verified and we begin to know each other better through email & messaging, I truly enjoy learning about you & what makes you tick.  Not only your carnal interests, but those outside of the bedroom, as well. What’s the last book you’ve read? Are you an amazing cook?  Do you have an unusual talent or skill?  I want to hear all about it.  I want to know YOU.

This is one reason why I’m unable to accept same-day engagements.  You deserve a woman who has taken the time to get to know what you really want and is eager to give it to you.  It takes planning to be at my best for you.  I strive to always put my best foot forward, and advance booking allows me to do this. Calm, composed me is definitely the best me and my reputation reflects both my professionalism & true enjoyment of this demimonde.

I invite you to visit my blog often.  You never know what I have up my sleeve!

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