20 Things They’ll Never Tell You About Being a Sex Worker.

Grace Bellavue was a beautiful person, a well-regarded sex worker and someone I called a friend.  She transitioned to the afterlife in 2015, by her own choice.  But, her wisdom will live forever.  She wrote frankly and often about some of the lesser-known realities of being a sex worker.  Read on…

Source: 20 Things They’ll Never Tell You About Being a Sex Worker.


Black People, We’re Wrong. Chanel Says That Du-Rags Are Actually “Urban Tie Caps”

Here’s a secret, I’ve been going through writer’s block for over a week. But my inability to verbalize was quickly cured thanks to these troubling images below.   Yes, du-rag…

Source: Black People, We’re Wrong. Chanel Says That Du-Rags Are Actually “Urban Tie Caps”

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Glasgow Sex Worker Reading List

From the author (@pastachips): It should go without saying that this list is in no way comprehensive. However, if you’re interested in learning more about sex worker rights and aren’t sure where to start, these are some pointers.

I suggest you follow your own interest when deciding how to approach this reading list, rather than necessarily attempting to read each item in the order I’ve presented them – especially as part two is in an arbitrary order, and does not reflect an alphabetical approach, a thematic one, or one based on my views as to the quality of the pieces (all of which are brilliant, hence their inclusion).

Please note: these texts discuss sexual violence, state violence, racism and poverty.

Part One: The Swedish model/the criminalisation of clients

Summary of Amnesty International Research Findings, p12 – 15, Amnesty International, 2015.

The European Parliament’s Attempt to Reduce Prostitution Fails Women, Ruth Jacobs, Women News Network, 2014.

The Swedish Law to Criminalise Clients, Ann Jordan, American University
Washington College of Law, 2012.

Criminalisation of clients: reproducing vulnerabilities for violence and poor health among street-based sex workers in Canada, A Krusi et al, British Medical Journal, 2014.

Client Criminalisation and Sex Workers’ Right To Health, Wendy Lyon, Hibernian Law Journal, 2014.

Norwegian Ban On Buying Sex Affects Immigrant Women, Heidi Elisabeth SandnesInformation Centre for Gender Research in Norway, 2014.

Statement on Poverty, Sex Work & The Swedish Model, SWOU, 2014.

Taking Ideology to the Streets: sex work, and how to make bad things worse, Nine, Feminist Ire, 2012.

Part Two: Writing that’s not so exclusively focused on the Swedish model

Arguing Right(s), Eithne Crow.

The Case for Decriminalization of Sex Work in South Africa, Chi Adanna Mgbako et al.

‘Junkie Whore’: What It’s Really Like For Sex Workers on Heroin, Caty Simon.

Report on Migrant Sex Workers Justice and the Trouble with ‘Anti-Trafficking’: Research, Activism, Art, the Migrant Sex Workers Project.

Building a Sex Workers’ Trade Union: Challenges and Perspectives, Morgane Merteuil.

October 22nd And After: The Movement Against Police Violence And Black Sex Workers, Cherno Biko.

Just Don’t Call It Slut-Shaming: a feminist guide to silencing sex workers, Nine.

A Few Thoughts On The Demise of Page Three, @desiredxthings.

Men Consume, Women Are Consumed: 15 Thoughts on the Stigma of Sex Work, Charlotte Shane.

Why the Sex Positive Movement is Bad for Sex Worker Rights, Audacia Ray.

Whorephobia and the politics of penetration, Jet Young.

Daniel Holtzclaw, Black Women, And The Myth of Police Protection, N’Jaila Rhee.

Nothing Scarier Than a Black Trans Woman With a Degree, Caty Simon interviewing Monica Jones.

‘Hey Baby, How Much?’: Stop Blaming Sex Workers for Street Harassment, Juliet November.

‘Ouch!’: Western Feminists’ ‘Wounded Attachment’ to The ‘Third World Prostitute’, Jo Doezema.

Rentboy wasn’t my ‘brothel’. It was a tool to stay alive in this economy of violence, anonymous.

“Getting Away” With Hating It: Consent in the Context of Sex Work, Charlotte Shane.

Black Sex Workers’ Lives Matter: Appropriation of Black Suffering, Robyn Maynard.

‘You’re not representative’: Identity politics in sex industry debates, Alison Phipps.

What Antis Can Do To Help, Lori Adorable.

What’s Missing from the Conversation On Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Colleen Hele, Naomi Sayers, & Jessica Wood.

One Black Trans Sex Worker’s December 17th, A. Passion

I’m Katha Pollitt’s ‘Highly Educated Leftist’ – and a Trafficking Victim, Tara Burns.

Sex work, migration and anti-trafficking, Robyn Maynard interviewing Nandita Sharma.

I Did Not Consent To Being Tokenized, Emmy.

Reflections on Being a Mixed Race Black Sex Worker, @CassLeChat.

Understanding the Complexities of Sex Trafficking and Sex Work/Trade: Ten Observations from a Sex Worker Activist/Survivor/Feminist, Emi Koyama.

Outcasts Among Outcasts: Injection Drug-Users in the Sex Workers’ Rights Movement,part one & part two, Olive Seraphim, Kitty Carr, Inane Moniker, Lily Fury, Andrew Hunter, The Specialist, and Caty Simon.

Sex Trafficking: How I Survived Foster Care, Tara Burns.

Transforming Pornography: Black Porn for Black Women, Cinnamon Love.

Moving Beyond Supply and Demand, the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women.

We Are Here To Win, Philipine Sex Workers’ Collective.

How New York City’s Treatment of Sex Workers Continues to Harm Us, Jenna Torres, Red Umbrella Project.

Last Rescue In Siam, Empower (Thailand).

Abolition of Sex Work Won’t End Violence Against Native Women, Naomi Sayers and Sarah Hunt.

Cozy Bedfellows: Prostitution Abolitionists and Anti-Abortionists, Joyce Arthur (read the comments!).

Trans Rentboys: Love Don’t Pay The Rent, SWOU/various.

We March On, Raven Bowen.

Source: Some suggested reading

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Can You Black Men PUH-LEEZE Keep Black Women Out Ya Beefs

Black Millennials

“That’s why I fucked your bitch, you fat muthafucka!”

This was Tupac’s opening lyric in one of the most notorious diss records in hip hop history, “Hit ‘Em Up.” Considered an iconic staple in hip hop culture, the song was a brutal takedown of East Coast rival Biggie Smalls. The line referred to then wife Faith Evans, a Black songstress whose vocals revolutionized modern R&B.

As much as I love Tupac, his usage of misogynoir to smear a Black man is a bloodcurdling and longstanding reminder that, in hip hop culture, Black women are often the vehicles with which Black men attack one another.

50 Cent’s beef with Rick Ross highlights this vicious motif. The Queens born rapper was ordered to pay the mother of Rick Ross’ child,Lastonia Leviston, an estimated $5 – 7 million after he released a sex tape in an effort to humiliate her, and by extension…

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11 Office Rules to Follow to Keep You From Getting Fucked Up

This is pretty much how I felt when I worked in corporate America…


  1. If you see me on the fucking phone, GO AWAY!

I have had too many coworkers come to my desk while I’m on the phone, make eye contact, and then start talking. Oh, so fuck what I’m talking about, huh? NO! If you see me on the phone, don’t assume it’s a person call. And even if it is a personal call – honestly, it probably is – you don’t interrupt. Send me an email or come back with your rude ass.

  1. If you see me coming, hold the god damned elevator.

Listen, I know some of you be in a rush to get upstairs, but that’s no excuse for being a dick. The four seconds you have to wait for me to get to the elevator will not make a difference. And if I see your ass push the close button when I’m hustling to the elevator, I will…

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On Bigotry & Discounts

The Claudia Chronicles

Away with your bullshitA colleague recently published a post that is full of bullshit. I won’t name her because I don’t feel like being that petty right now. My main pet peeve, before I even started working as an escort, is this belief that “the market” gets to dictate and reaffirm bigotry and racism in the demimonde and since it’s “the market” that it is above criticism and reproach.


Hiding your bigotry and your love for the status quo (because it works out for you to the detriment of others) behind “the market” is cowardly crap. I was a business major for three years* and I know enough libertarians to have nothing but disgust for the worship of “the market” by those who benefit from it the most. Sure, “the market” may say that thin, white, cissexual, female escorts under 30 are the most valuable/get to charge more for their time but anyone who…

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