Rooted in Racism

The Hysteria Surrounding Sex Trafficking Is Rooted in Racism…

The Honest Courtesan

We have only to remember that virility was one of the special features of the savage woman…we have portraits of Red Indian and Negro beauties, whom it is difficult to recognize for women, so huge are their jaws and cheekbones, so hard and coarse their features.  –  Cesare Lombroso, from an explanation of why whores are subhuman

For most of history, the only people writing about prostitutes were outsiders, mostly men, and as the Christian Era wore on such writings were increasingly based in some kind of moral agenda (with a concomitant bias against whores).  After the Reformation the idea of the prostitute as victim first appeared, and by the 19th century had become the dominant theme in “studies” which, though they often pretended to be “scientific” in keeping with the mania of the day, were actually nothing more than Christian anti-whore propaganda dressed up in scientific garb…

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On sex work and the concept of ‘rescue’

The “rescue industry” actually isn’t a new concept. People “saving” women from sex work has been a thing since medieval times, at least…

Going Medieval

My lovely lambs, if you are not on Twitter, I mean first of all congrats for not getting involved in that hellsite? Second of all, however, you may have been missing out on SWARM (the twitter of the amazing Swarm Collective) taking over the legendary goal keeper Neville Southall’s twitter account in order to talk about sex workers’ rights. It has been a generally wonderful thing to see these voices elevated outside of the usual bubble, and I for one have been super pleased to see decrim discussed in a more public way.

Unfortunately, Big Nev and the amazing collective of sex workers behind SWARM have received much too much pushback from would-be ‘feminists’, including members of the so-called Women’s Equality Party here in the UK who have come at the genuine concerns of sex workers with offensive, degrading, and dehumanising stuff like this:

Walker I’m sorry I made…

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Review: Tryst

A new, free advertising option for companions! From the same people who brought you Switter…

The ValleyScott Blog

Review: Tryst

So here it is. The one I’ve been waiting for. Tryst.

I have to be honest with this review in that I have been eagerly awaiting this new website. Tryst is the creation of Assembly 4, the people who gave us Switter. Being a huge fan and user of Switter, I have had high hopes for their advertising platform. And so far, Tryst does not disappoint.

First off, this site is really beautiful. I think Tryst is the best looking sex worker listing site that I’ve ever seen. It’s clean, well laid out, and visually appealing. There are tons of photos on the home page and it immediately gets the user into the experience of the site.

The individual listings are by far the best looking and best laid out I have ever seen. Photo quality is very good, and the photos are easy to navigate…

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Not a Good Time

If you’re thinking about becoming a FSSW right now in the US, don’t.

The Honest Courtesan

I often get questions from women who are interested in becoming sex workers.  Sometimes they have specific questions, but more often they want general advice; you can find past questions like this in my Mentoring tag, or on my “Previously Asked Questions” page under “Mentoring”.  But while I was answering last week’s question I realized that I cannot in good conscience continue to advise young American women to enter full-service sex work (i.e. escorting or other forms of prostitution) at all until “sex trafficking” hysteria has imploded and the ramped-up persecution of sex workers, our clients, our loved ones and our associates has at last died down.  Every day I read stories of women being raped, beaten, humiliated, locked in cages and even murdered by cops who claim either that they’re “rescuing” us or “abating” us (like a disease).  Every day I receive communications from time-wasters and psychos

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Beauty & Power

A word on taking back your power from an icon, Imani Yvonne AKA Actual Black Mermaid…

Chubby Enchantress

I choose ego over conceit every day. I choose power over beauty. I believe that there are so many different types of beauty that can be processed. Beauty can be …contemptuous & detractive. Power is magnanimous… at least to me.

About two years ago, I was working in Fairfax where it was extremely racist. Every day I felt like my idea of myself, the idea of my glory that I have been taught that I have in black spaces, my character, and my intelligence were tested everyday. It’s not something that I recommend to anyone to ever go through but it changed so much of what I gave power to about my own perceptions of myself related to the rest of the world.

Every week there was a new theme. Whether we were talking about my hair, comment on my body, the way I talk, or just very silly but…

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Client Confessions: Confession of a Serial No-Show

A glimpse inside the mind of a hobbyist who habitually NCNS’s. The man in question needs to seek prof’l help…

The ValleyScott Blog

The following letter comes from one of my readers who wishes only to be identified as “Bob”.


Dear Mr. ValleyScott,
Thank you for your blog. Reading it has been really insightful about many things. Your honesty has inspired me to want to be honest about a problem I have. Please share this on your blog if you can.

I have a confession to make. I am a “no-show”. I am the king of no-shows. I have a serious problem.

I have been hobbying for 7 years. In that time I have had 118 sessions with 56 ladies. This does not include 30 trips to AMPs. But that is not my problem. My problem is that I have also been a no-show 364 times.

Your read that right—364 times.

I am one of those guys that makes the women mad. I know it, and I am ashamed of it.


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